Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing the string players of tomorrow with an innovative and easy tool to master bowed string instruments.

Our mission is to help both the novice and experienced string player develop proper bow distribution with an effective tool used to bow the entire length with ease.

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The BowStopper Device is a great tool for helping young string players in managing their bowing. I recommend the BowStopper over tape or hair barrettes because it places emphasis on learning by feeling rather than sight thus allowing the player to focus all attention on the music. − Regina Carter, Jazz Violinist

Wow! The BowStopper Device is a terrific device. It automatically gets the student out of the habit of only using one part of the bow. A benefit for students of all levels. − Ed Fleischman
Public School String Teacher, New Jersey

Congratulations on your clever invention! With elegant simplicity, this colorful little tool provides a cheerful aid to mastery of bow distribution skills. − Dr. Gerald Fischbach
University of Maryland, College Park

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The BowStopper

The BowStopper Device is the educational tool that improves bow distribution. It is a perfect tool to enhance bow distribution. It can help students of all ages that need to gain perfection with the bow. Even the advanced string player who may have had difficulties in the past can now learn to master tremolo, legato and staccato.

Different Ways to Use BowStoppers:

    ** The BowStopper Device will benefit everyone who plays bowed instruments. **

  1. Place the BowStopper closer towards the tip to help develop a tremolo articulation.
  2. Place the BowStopper closer towards the frog to develop a good staccato articulation.
  3. Center two BowStoppers and play between each for a beautiful legato phrase.